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Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Today's Sunday Story is my 30th of this year. Here's a link to the others if you want to check them out ➡️

I started these at some point bc I really do have these thoughts out there riding and I figured it's better to share them for the greater good than keep them trapped in my mind. My hope is the relatable stories help us all make it through the good, the bad - even the ugly.

Today's is all about THE CHALLENGE(S).

When I was first started doing crazy big rides w my husbabe John Griffiths he would always say he loved the challenges while I (literally) felt like I was suffering and about to implode.😬😆 We have friends who can attest to this ... am I right Luis Rivera Evan Chute Jamie Bogner Nathan Kraxberger Daniel Ingerdal?! Don't answer that. 😁🥴

But years later - including today - I get it. There is something in THE CHALLENGE of doing things that are hard on (and off) the bike - the journey along missing and improving is interesting, humbling and celebratory. And let me tell you - doing it with trusted mates is better than suffering and/or triumphing alone.

When I was out there today w John on a technical, steep, long ride - clipped into my pedals - I thought about all of this and YOU ALL, LEADERS.

It actually made me think of numerous times last week alone that I empathized w my incredible extended team at CMD about the reality that the stealth projects we have underway are simply hard. That is not a complaint but rather a recognition bc it's better than pretending they're not.

When we recognize the endeavor is hard - that it's a challenge - that we are in it together and that it is and will be rewarding in ways we can't even imagine/expect ➡️ it simply helps.

As we head into this week, LEADERS, let's keep THE CHALLENGE(S) in perspective for ourselves and others, and have faith in them: even if they don't go "our way" there are lessons to learn and evolution to be had.

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