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Here are my random yet relevant thoughts from this weekend's rides to fuel the journey ahead:

1. it helps to ride - play - work with people who are faster, stronger, smarter than us all the time or sometimes. It tends to give us the opportunity to get faster, stronger, smarter

2. cross training is important for improving the body and mind ... when we do it we grow and work new muscles and we make ourselves better .. when we don't we tend to get in a rut as one trick ponies which can overdevelop some muscles while it can atrophy others ... it's usually best to cross train and stay ready so we don't have to play catch up and get ready.

3. we don't have to wait to wear the hell out of (or a hole in) our riding knickers or shorts - our work roles - our welcome in an organization etc to take action to seek a replacement or new footing

4. want to perform optimally?! then hydrating and fueling well before, during and after intense endurance exercise and work is a must ... that does not mean existing on air and coffee unless we actually want to bonk, be grumpy, on edge, scattered and foggy brained. No thank you.

5. as my incredible coach Leslie Harris says - in life we can make up money but we can't make up time, so we must do more of what serves us and less of what doesn't.


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