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We couldn't be prouder of, excited about and grateful for our own evolution of the show and our platform.  This season you'll get even more from each episode through the enhanced and more accessible content thanks to our newest Founding Partner Influence Media Agency. 

While are evolving some elements of the show, we'll always stay committed to our mission to
elevate the voices of diverse, authentic leaders who share our commitment to creating positive impact and evolving brands and people.   Watch the videos below and listen on the go through Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify
or wherever you get your podcast fix!

Gratitude to our Partners, Felicia Hall Allen & Associates, CMD, Hijinx & Influence Media Agency.  


Find Out What High Performing Teams Do Differently in this episode featuring Bob Gower - Organization Designer, Cult Survivor & Consultant. 

Learn from his expertise in what he’s coined “good teaming” which stems directly from this experience

and has extended to impassioned work influencing systemic change. 


Tune in to get the truth about AI and its impact on businesses from Nabeel Ahmad, the Co-Founder of, an AI-powered consulting firm and data analysis platform that monitors sentiment in real-time. Learn about the new Human Co-pilot Consulting arm recently launched as a complement to their game changing software.


The remarkable Tory Archbold - Author, Founder & Director, Powerful Steps by Tory Archbold - reveals parts of her own story and key learnings that enable her to create opportunities for leaders - LIKE YOU - find their ultimate power through a heart led skill set and the power of strategic story telling as they provide unique VALUE to the companies they lead or create.


I'm honored to bring Himalaya Rao-Potlapally - Managing Director of The BFM Fund (BFM) - to the podcast! She's a unicorn if I've ever seen one.

She has a passion for bringing that knowledge to BIPOC communities with the goal of creating access and empowerment. Her interest and passion has led her to many different roles and industries including #BFM which is a seed-stage venture fund focused on Black and innovative entrepreneurs.


Meet the REMARKABLE Chris Walch - COO & CO-Founder of LifeScore Music - AND - Founder of Women of Winter. She's a Baddie among Baddies making impact and living life by her own rules. 

There is nothing this woman sets her sights on that she doesn't crush with passion, humor, practicality and authenticity. Get ready to be in awe!


Meet Latrice Bankhead, Dual MS, MHA - VISIONARY & DREAM CATCHER - Author & Owner of Club Z! Tutoring of West Sacramento. she wants people to remember that she dared to make a difference in things that she saw that weren’t right. She is making her mark in this world by trying to heal those who came after her through words and gifting others the ability to learn so that they can open windows and doors for themselves that would otherwise be closed.


Christopher Wright - PRO BASKETBALL PLAYER & M.S. WARRIOR - Ambassador of #SameHere The Global Mental Health Movement.
I’m honored to partner with #SameHere, Founded by my GREAT friend Eric Kussin, to bring you this episode of my podcast. As soon Eric introduced me to Chris, and I learned about Chris’ incredible story of perseverance and leadership against the mind-blowing odds as the first NBA player to knowingly compete while battling Multiple Scleroses – I knew I wanted him to share his story with you.  You can’t help but be inspired and energized by Chris and his incredible evolution. 


In this episode you'll get to know author, podcast host, and content creator Terrence Lee and his journey as The Introvert Leader. Terrence shares his story starting from a traumatizing experience in 7th grade that shifted him into a shell to overcoming shyness and fear of public speaking to eventually become a leader in his career. Shauna and Terrence dive into the topic of introversion and leadership, creating awareness and discussion around it.

If you're someone who is introverted in many ways, you'll definitely resonate with Terrence's story and find valuable insights in this episode.

If you're not introverted - you'll get a lot from it too!


We couldn't be prouder & more excited to bring the LEGENDARY Fred Mangione to you in this episode. Fred - or "Freddy" many of us know him - is the epitome of an authentic executive leader who cares about the people and brands in his care. He has created massive positive impact on the lives of countless people and sports properties including FIFA, New Jersey Nets, the Brooklyn Nets, the NY Jets and more. With proven strategic experience in the identification, analysis and implementation of aggressive strategies to further organizational growth and operations - Freddy truly is THE GOAT.


Welcome to THE WHOLE BRAND episode - featuring Tim Galles, Chief Idea Officer for Barkley Agency & Director of The Whole Brand Project. He is also Author, an instructor of Design For Good, & a Speaker. Tim is an authentic leader, devoted of the doctrine that creativity can solve any problem. He applies it across a spectrum of ideas for Barkley, from marketing ideas to business ideas, consulting projects to campaigns. He is an absolute inspiration on his mission to build whole brands for a better world.


It's the Social Impact in Sports Edition, featuring Joneé Billy Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships & External Affairs for PowerPlay NYC, Inc.
Joneé is a fierce Social Impact thought-leader focused on bridging the gap between nonprofits, private corporations and the public sector to drive transformation in corporate social responsibility. 
She is passionate about promoting equity through sports, philanthropy and social justice which all comes alive in this episode! 


Welcome to the Future of Healthcare Edition featuring Samantha Citro Alexander - CEO & Co-Founder at bitewell - the nutrition intelligence company on a mission to improve the world's health through food. They are pioneering food as a healthcare benefit - and we're here for all the impact she is making! 


Pilaar Terry is the Managing Partner & COO of POV Agency that she co-founded with Michael Chavez Booth (MCB) in 2019 at a kitchen table. She was a kid with a dream, who is living it in a big way with her LA-based, inclusion-driven, boutique strategic communications agency. She and her team work to colorfully reimagine how PR and communications are done and who they’re done by. Get ready to be fueled by her unfiltered nature and infectious energy. 


It's the New Year New Job (and more!) episode featuring my dear friend - Your Favorite Technical Recruiter -  Jennifer Magley, Talent Advocate for Averity.
In this episode you'll hear Jennifer's tips for how to be yourself online and land your dream job - and so much more! She taps into her experience as recruiter and as a Speaker, Emcee, Former Professional Athlete, NCAA Division I Head Coach, and Entrepreneur.
This woman is on FIRE! 


Courtney Carter - CEO & Founder of Carter Media Group - is a badass with a gentle soul, huge heart,

genius mind and wicked business acumen -

and she brought it all to this episode.
She makes a practice out of disrupting the status quo,

one narrative shift at a time 💪.


Coach Leslie Harris is an absolute GAME CHANGER for Executive Leaders. He is dedicated to providing guidance that makes a real impact in the lives and careers of business leaders. Leslie has coached many executives and rising stars through various phases of their personal and professional development.

His episode is not only one NOT to miss - it's one to take notes during - bookmark - and replay repeatedly.


Meka White Morris, is the Executive VP and

Chief Revenue Officer of the Minnesota Twins

She is IN-CRED-IBLE and she drops

all the gems in this episode. 
Meka is absolutely UNSTOPPABLE and we're here for everything she is doing to create positive impact and evolution in the sports industry

and in this world. 


We were lucky enough to sit down with and get some inspiration and wisdom from Next-Gen Leader, Mia Len, Manager of Global Partnerships for the Milwaukee Bucks.
Mark our words, People, there is no stopping Mia Len. We are simply in awe of her grace, poise, energy and fearless pursuit of her journey. 


Leonard Edwards, Head of Global Partnerships at Evil Geniuses, knows exactly what it takes to succeed. In this episode, Leonard touches on his leadership style, his evolution over the years, and work in eSports. In the episode, Leonard touches on his leadership style, his evolution over the years, work in eSports and so much more. 


How to be a Great Leader with Lynn Altman, President of Brand Now.

Hints: Taking Risks and Being Brave are Key
Lynn is a fearless, innovative leader and brand builder who we had the privilege of speaking with for this episode. Her thoughts on, and approach to organization and leadership are timeless.
This is a must listen.


Meet Natalie White, Founder of Moolah Kicks. She's been making some big moves in Women's Hoops. In this episode, we dive into Natalie's journey and the steps Moolah Kicks is taking to improve the landscape of Women's Hoops. 



Meet the first African American woman to own and operate a North American Professional Basketball League. Evelyn Magley is doing it all as CEO of The Basketball League. In this super insightful episode, Evelyn and Shauna talk about The Basketball League, its mission, vision, rise, and the impact it’s making in the lives of young men in communities across the United States

and now into Canada.


Our featured guest this week is Eric Perugini, Chief Commercial Officer at NBALAB. In this episode, Eric talks about his career journey to becoming Chief Commercial Officer at the NBALAB, what they do at the LAB, who they are for and much more.

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