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For as long as I can remember "Earn it Daily" has been a way of operating. The thought came to me today when my husbabe, John Griffiths, and I were climbing these technical trails to earn our descent. It's a thing we do that we enjoy and take pride in. Sometimes the descent isn't worth the torture of the climb, but we take pride that we earned whatever descent we get, and we get better along the way.

Somewhere along the line it dawned on me that "Earn it Daily" also applies to the right to come back to a job every day.

I know. I know. It sounds harsh at first pass but bear with me as I explain. It doesn't mean one doesn't deserve the job and compensation in the first place.

👉 It points to finding a way to add value every day. 👈

Stated that way it seems like a given, no?! Yes. Exactly. And that's why "Earn the right to come back to the job every day" has become a thing I believe in - I am committed to - and openly say to others.

A former agency staffer/now friend, Ryan Sawrie, once told me "an employee truly shows their value when they have down time between projects". He was right. Talk about earning the right to come back the next day!

Moral of this Sunday Story: Whatever you do, find a way to add value daily - earn the right to do it again the next day. No matter what happens there's a sense of pride in it and chances are you'll find success on the journey. 👉 At the very least, you'll make an impact, and you'll evolve. 👈

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