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This one isn't inspired by riding per se but I did think about it throughput our ride today when climbing steep technical trails for 1.5 hours straight - and all day since I listened to the podcast episode early this morning - that's linked here 👉 HOW TO INCREASE YOUR WILLPOWER & TENACITY, by Andrew Huberman

It kind of/totally blew my mind. It is game changing, #LEADERS

Andrew goes fairly deep into the science backed FACT that there are regions of the brain linked to willpower and tenacity... AND ...

He shares tools and protocols we can use and practice repeatedly to help us build strength in these areas (literally in the regions of the brain)

He points out that when we do or keep doing something positive that we don't really want to do - we improve... AND ....

He points out that when we don't do something negative that we really want to do ... we improve.

You've seen me write here before about the importance of proactively controlling the controllables and evolving self to fuel the pursuit of optimal performance and impact - and this is exactly that.

Do yourself and your people a favor by actively listening to this podcast episode.

S/O to my a1 since day1 Matt Bailey for putting me on to Andrew Huberman 🙌❤️

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