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Mid-miserable-ride yesterday I realized riding a new bike is kinda like starting a new job or role or career.

It was my second ride (pictured here) on my new mountain bike, and everything felt new and exciting and weird and awful, and I was basically a hot mess out there. After the ride I caught myself in full on imposter syndrome mode thinking I didn't even know what I was doing out there.

Thankfully my amazing husband John Griffiths who doubles as my mechanic, helped make a few tweaks to the bike that made today's ride so much better. I DO know what I'm doing out there after all 😊

If you - like me - have started a new job or role or career in the last year+ you might have a recent work example that is relatable.

Starting a new job or role or career can often feel new and exciting and weird and awful. And/But the great news is a few tweaks and some key people supporting you can make all the difference almost overnight.

So, if it's a new bike or a new job or role or a career - remember you do know what you are doing - and you will figure it out quickly - and supportive people in your corner can make all the difference.

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