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If you're thinking about how to win the day/week/month ahead - this post if for you.

Two work relatables came to mind today during this two lap ride w my love.

1) In work we often have a mindset opportunity: when the path gets rocky - we can focus attention forward instead of backward or down getting sucked into the bumps and snags.

On the trail today, I cleared a gnarly section for the first and second time ever because I kept my head up and eyes forward.

As my coach, Leslie Harris, says - don't look back or down if you're not going that way.

2) When we hit snags in our work days we can often decide how to respond - if we'll get hung up or find ways to move forward.

Today I got two punctures at the same time in my rear tire at the bottom of the second lap which meant I had 1,700 ft yet to climb to get home. I was bummed and annoyed at first but that was useless. The picture here was me and my husbabe making our way forward fixing the tire.

In work and on the trail - no matter what mindset we decide to have - we take it with us on the journey ahead which is still there waiting for us.

John Griffiths thank you endlessly for helping me move forward today and every day

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