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I did a big rode today - with my husband John Griffiths - in honor of those who choose to take on a mama role of any kind ❤ 👇 70 miles 7,418 ft of vert 8,890 ft topped out 👇 We took a different approach, riding the reverse of what we often do (as we raced to get back home our furry kid) and it gave us such a different perspective of the environment.

At one point we rode through an area named Dinosaur Ridge and John said - "Wow! I've never noticed those dinosaur footprints when we rode this the other way." 🦖 DINOSAUR FOOTPRINTS, PEOPLE. 🦖

We've rode by and missed dinosaur footprints for six years. 😯 In that moment I was reminded - there's so much to be discovered in a different approach that brings new perspective - and it made me think of work and you all. In work, I often seek new approaches and perspectives by playing a healthy game of "devil's advocate" - even if I and my team feel strong about the current direction. That way, at the very least, I/we are guaranteed to seriously consider avenues outside what seems familiar to us. Doing this doesn't make it easier on the bike nor in work, but it leaves us more informed, enriched, experienced and hopefully evolved. All that said - as we go forward as leaders, may we choose to allow ourselves and others to discover more "dinosaur footprints" And may we fight like hell to protect and preserve women's rights. FOR MORE SUNDAY STORIES 👉 #sundaystories #THAT #blog #happymothersday #womensrights #perspective #approach #leadership #impact #slgimpact

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