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Yesterday, my husbabe John Griffiths and I did a big ride ➡️ 51.5 mountain bike miles and 6.6K+ ft of vert, hitting every bit of the IMBA Epic Buffalo Creek trail system. See the pic below for evidence.

At one point along the ride John said: "Know where we are?!" - Me: CRYING ROCK !!! - Both of us: 😆🤣😆🤣

We were remembering and laughing at the "big" rock feature I had been so scared of in prior years that I cried every time I got to it. 😆🤣 These days I huck over it - often times hooting and hollering. No lie. 🤘

And that is when I thought of you, Leaders.

"Crying Rock" is similar to things in work and/or personal life that we have evolved beyond that give us opportunity to laugh, rejoice and recognize how far we've come - how far we have evolved from it.

A Crying Rock could be: - skill sets - job titles - scrupulous people holding seats of leadership hostage - one-way relationships - toxic work environments - stories we tell ourselves about ourselves - under representation - being undervalued, underappreciated, underpaid - being held back - and more.

As we head into the week ahead, let's look for Crying Rock moments - recognizing how far we've come on our respective journeys - instead of beating ourselves up or feeling less than or tuning out in general. Let's make a point to recognize our own evolution and encourage ourselves to keep #evolving.

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