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Out in the wild in nature and in the wild world of work - improvising effectively is an art to practice and hone. It sets you apart and helps you and your team prevail.

Think about it for a minute.

When was the last time you faced a work situation that required you to improvise and adapt? Last Friday?! Right. Me too. 😁

I thought about this on today's ride (outtakes seen here), with my husband John Griffiths, that was 39 miles and 4,793 ft of vert. It was the second time we tried it. We improvised today when we hit snow and ice, and path closures. We created an alternative route on the fly and had fun getting home.

The first time we did this ride was last weekend and we improvised then too. I had a mechanical (a.ka. my bike broke 😑) so we diverted home and finished our ride indoors on our trainers with 34 miles + 3,566 ft of vert. Simply said- we created an alternative solution and got it done.

Honestly, People. On the bike and in work - improvising is an art.

It can be the most efficient way to find a solution that also leaves you feeling proud and accomplished. It's something to practice continually - to exercise like a muscle.

As we head into the week with plenty of improvising opportunities - I'm sending you (and me!) good vibes and heaps of confidence. Trust your gut and your experience - and get after it. The other option really isn't much of an option at all. 🥴🤷‍♀️

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