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This weekend of riding and crashing and riding better has me thinking about parallels in work.

The first ride of the weekend was tough bc of how we did it. For my fellow cycling nerds reading this - it was an IMBA EPIC - 24.6 mtb miles + 3,150 ft of vert rigid and clipless. I jumped a fallen tree and landed in a heap on my left side. 😬 I got up and finished strong though. Then I thought about how it happened and talked it through w my husbabe John Griffiths - my life and riding partner in crime. ❤

It's more common to hear people talk about winning, prevailing, closing a deal, reaching a milestone, getting the job. Winning tends to build confidence for the next time around.

From personal experience I'm here to say I think it's just as important to think and talk about crashing, not winning, coming up short, losing the job. Coming up short tends to sting - bruise the ego - and can lead to self-doubt and a timid approach next time around. NONE OF THAT HELPS. Trust me. 🙋‍♀️

The interesting thing is, the latter is where we tend to learn more and have the opportunity to evolve - improve - and create impact when we propel ourselves and others forward.

Back to the bike this weekend...

Today's clipless rigid mtb ride was tougher - 31 miles + 4,505 ft of vert - and I didn't crash. I applied what I learned the other day from crashing and was on the attack instead of being timid. I PRed the toughest climb and snagged 22 medals in Strava land.

Moral of this #SundayStory, Leaders, is while it's important to keep celebrating the wins - it's also important (maybe more so) to seize the opportunity to learn and evolve from the loses.

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