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My amazing husband, life and adventure teammate John Griffiths and I are baaaaccckkk cycling together post-COVID bomb and I couldn't be more grateful. The picture below is from our ride today together- finally!! We spent a lot of this weekend doing stuff as a team again - walking Peaty 🐶 riding bikes - doing yard work.

Tonight, it dawned on me how great it was to have our teamwork back in action. 🥰 Ironically, it led me to think about how much I missed that during our COVID tsunami and how lonely it felt riding and doing our usual together things, solo.

That's when I thought about all of you Leaders - and the reality that Teammates can make all the difference.

As Leaders sometimes we take a lot/too much on our own shoulders and at the Leadership level we tend to have fewer peer teammates.

Reality is - in work as in life - relationships with trusted peer Teammates make a huge difference and they require nurturing.

Without them and with the wrong Teammates in the mix - it's a hot mess which I say from experience.

All that said, Leaders, let's remind ourselves that most of the time, quality Teammates (often at different levels) > Solo acts ... that all of the time, there's a need to positively impact each other through lows and highs ... and that effectively working together as Teammates is a special kind of winning.

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