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In work - just as in riding bikes - as soon as you add a second person you've got a team and something to fight for that's bigger than just you. In work and on the bike, the only way you'll win as a team is if you figure out how to ride together effectively and successfully.

I thought about this while on yesterday's fatbiking ride (pictured here) and on today's rides with the best life teammate and riding partner I could ever wish for, my husband, John Griffiths. Goodness I'm a lucky one. ❤

When you work/ride together as teammates you strive to:

👉 have mutual goals that are greater than any one person on the team and each person knows it and believes in it

👉 look to have fun and learn along the way

👉 work together bc you know that alone it would be harder and not the same

👉 look out for one another, set each other up for success and you're even willing to share snacks 😁

👉 help each other get better

👉 compromise knowing what is best for the team is most important

👉 understand you'll have better, worse and equal performances as your teammate(s)

👉 communicate often and as clearly as you can, calling out hazards and celebrating wins on the journey

👉 won't sit back while your teammate(s) fall down, fall behind or give little effort

👉 might annoy each other, make mistakes or get lost and you don't let any of that get in the way of reaching the mutual goal(s)


💥 And here's some real talk to consider on the work front, People. If you work with teammates you and they are actually paid (partly) to figure out how to ride together. 💥

If this resonates with you - go ahead and share this with someone you'd take as a teammate to ride with any time. 🙌

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