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Today's story was inspired by our last big ride before our two big mountain bike races out East in September.

Today we knocked out 95 miles and 8,556 ft of vert on the road. It was the fastest I've done a ride of this magnitude and it felt great.

To help fuel your pursuit of optimal performance in the week ahead #LEADERS - I'm sharing the top things on my mind during the ride that mirror work life:

1) Do the harder/hardest stuff first before you overthink it and freak yourself out and before you put it off.

👉 Ride context: The first half of our ride included 75% of the climbing.

2) The energy you bring to what you do and to whom you do it with matters. Choose wisely.

👉 Ride context: I knew we were headed out for a big ride at 6am today but didn't allow myself to over think - over stress - doubt myself and bring that to and negatively impact my teammate - like I used to when I was learning how to ride big 😬

3) The quality of the care you give yourself makes a world of difference.

👉 Ride context: Last time we did a big ride (126 miles + 11, 700 ft of vert) I was short on calories accidentally and felt horrible after. Today I was bang on w my calories and felt great during and after. I also had my new fancy birthday Gortex jacket to block the headwind and temperature dip.

4) What you tell yourself about yourself, the effort and what's to come matters. Keep in mind, you hear your own voice more than anything.

👉 Ride context: I found myself recognizing to myself that I was feeling good and keeping pace. I found myself telling myself it was fun and that I was looking forward to the final climbs. Negative self talk didn't stand a chance.

Let's put these takeaways to use and have a great week on purpose, People!

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