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Recently I mentioned here that I've been training with my husband for back to back weekends of endurance mountain bike races. If all goes as planned the next edition of this series will be after our 100 mile race... 😬🤞

The photos below were taken eight years ago the morning of the same race. I was brand new to riding and definitely had not trained sufficiently for it. The truth

is, I had no business doing it and my finish time of 13 hrs 54 seconds was evidence 😳

This time around I have eight+ years of riding in my body and mind, and we've trained steadily so I feel pretty confident going into it and now it's time to taper which means reduce mileage and rest up. Today when a friend of ours said - "a well deserved taper always feels so good" - I knew I wanted to share it with you.

In work and in cycling a big effort certainly needs big prep and/but we need to smart about it and kind to ourselves in the process.

In both arenas we can't maintain high hours and miles, high stress on the mind and body prepping and expect to have enough reserves to perform optimally on the big day.

When pursuing #optimalperformance in both arenas, we need to be able to go hard to prep - taper to get the mind and body right - and then go hard again.

As you head into the week, month, quarter ahead #LEADERS - consider asking yourself if giving yourself the gift of TAPERING can help you (and the people in your care) perform optimally.

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