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Today's story was inspired by my experience in the 54-mile mountain bike race my husband and I completed in roughly six hours yesterday. It was more of a challenge mentally than physically for me and that's the story I'm bringing to your feed.

The first 17 miles I was in a really bad headspace and honestly considered quitting. I didn't want to feel the disappointment of giving up though, so I used every mind game I could think of to change my reality. Those mind games are 100% transferable to life and work life #LEADERS so I'll share them with you here.

The next time you are in a mind bending situation, consider any or all of these:

👉 Big efforts we take on aren't supposed to be easy. Period. As the saying goes - if it was easy everyone would do it.

👉 Focus. On. The. Breath. Breathe in goodness from your toes, feel it expand the lungs and rib cage, reaching the top of your head - and exhale all the way back to the toes. Let that focus quiet the body and mind.

👉 Focus on each foot strike (or pedal stroke) and call it out to yourself - like a drum beat: Right. Left. Right. Left. Welcome the calm of the rhythm.

👉 Find gratitude.

👉 If you - like me - are more driven by bettering your own performance than competing against others, remind yourself of that because during a mental tailspin it's easy to fall prey to the vicious cycle of comparing.

👉 Talk to yourself without beating yourself up. Recognize your part in the mental spin. Decide if you want to keep thinking negatively and what you will think of instead.

👉 When all else fails and you can go to a fitting environment such as a forest, a room or office with the door shut) yell or shout to disrupt the energy - to release the tension and frustration.

I used all of those out on the trail yesterday. Yes, even the shouting. TWICE! After a while, it worked! I got into a zone where time flew by and somehow ended up winning my age group. It hurt physically of course bc it's supposed to when you are putting in race (big) effort. I ended really strong with energy reserves to put the hammer down over the last eight miles.

Coming away from the experience I'm most glad I was reminded of the incredible power of the mind on the bike and in all aspects of life. Using it in a way that serves you (and others) is a conscious practice.

As you move forward with intention on the journey, I encourage you to keep these things in mind and remember we really are a reflection of our thoughts, #LEADERS. And, we can do so much more than we often think we can.

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