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In last week's edition of this series, I told you about the 100-mile mountain bike race my husband and I planned for today.

It did not go as planned courtesy of extreme heat coupled with a questionable new route. 🥵🤔🤷‍♀️

We scratched/bailed at the midway mark along with numerous other riders. It was (mostly) fun and really tough going, and I focused on my breathing to calm my mind, body temp and heart rate.

The two relatable takeaways I have for you to consider for the week and month ahead #LEADERS are:

1) it's important to allow yourself to scratch when you recognize you're in a situation/ride/race/job/new business venture etc that will likely cause you more harm than good if you keep going. Human nature can make that really hard to do. It's easy to let ego and/or pride cloud our judgement.

👉The next time this comes up, consider asking yourself this question and pay attention to your gut response: DOES IT ACTUALLY SERVE ME TO KEEP GOING?

2) when you're under pressure to perform, things heat up unexpectedly and suddenly, don't go as planned, it's human nature to become upset, react with panic and go into fight mode. The breath is often held as a defense mechanism, and body temp and heart rate tend to increase.

👉 The next time this situation comes up as it did for me today, consider focusing on the breath in and out - a four count each way - and observe the calming effects. It works on the bike and in work life among other scenarios!! ✨️

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