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This weekend I was reminded about the importance of the WILLINGNESS to do the hard things that make us better - that help us break through plateaus - that help us reach new heights.

On the bike. In work. In life.

Getting to next levels requires us to practice what we aren't great at or what we might not enjoy...

On the bike yesterday it was specific to getting back into the mix in technical mountain biking for this season. Today, it was pushing myself to the next gear (literally and figuratively) on a road ride to finish with full gas on the extended incline.

I think, when on the bike it's easier to note the willingness factor. Am I actually willing to go to that next gear and feel the hurt/burn to get the results I want?

For whatever reason - in work it's usually hard(er) to note that willingness factor. It's easier to get distracted or thrown by excuses and curve balls.

In both scenarios the reality is, it's you against (or for) you.

Are you willing to do the hard things - to evolve and get out of your own way - to get to the next level?

Only you truly know.

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