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At some point during yesterday's delayed birthday ride with some of our best riding buddies (pictured below) - I thought about the importance of picking your people. Today I was catching up with one of my best friends and somehow we got on to the same topic. So, here I am in your feed with it.


Don't simply inherit or tolerate them, don't settle for them, and don't ignore your gut warning about them. Don't cling to familiar ones out of fear of loss, unknowns and starting over.

In all walks of life, regardless of your years, do what you can to pick your starting lineup and your bench. Pick your personal board of directors, leaders and daily riding mates.

If you haven't already - consider crafting one of your top decision making filters to be about the quality of people. Consider committing to working, living and playing with and around great people and giving that in return.

Whatever you do - aim to pick your people and make sure some are better, stronger, smarter, and more fit than you at some thing(s). Your growth and evolution are distinctly linked to your ability to learn from and with them, and your ability to contribute positively to their evolution.

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