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I'm starting this by fully admitting it has been hard for me throughout my evolution, to be still in body and mind. I thought of this today when I struggled to take the day off riding bikes bc of a sore hip. Thankfully, my husbabe John Griffiths encouraged me to listen to my body - to rest - to heal. He similarly encourages me to do less - to rest - to heal - during this recent part of my journey. He tells me I don't need to be "Shauna Level 12". He is right. I've been working on being still in life, including over the last few weeks - and months. One of the things I've done on and off - and back on - every day since November is TAKING A SEAT/MEDITATING. It helps me - so I'm sharing it here hoping it helps you to. Taking a seat. Meditating. 8 minutes. Yes, just 8 and I do set a timer. Every day.

If I can't give myself the gift of 8 minutes every day - something is seriously wrong. So, I sit.

👉 I know I need to do more of it bc those 8 minutes help me find time in space in other parts of my day. Those 8 minutes help me be able to pause - listen - think - act instead of just re-acting in the moment. 👈 If I can't do it in the morning, I find 8 minutes at another point in the day - even if it's before bed. Sometimes just thinking about the notion that I couldn't find 8 minutes in my day for myself - makes me do it. No, I don't use a mediation app. No shade on them. I simply want to be able to allocate 8 minutes in the 1440 minutes in a day to meet myself in silence - without sensory input. Yes, my mind wanders. My job in that seat is to notice that wandering and come back to center. If I get one good breath in the center, it is helpful. As we think about setting ourselves up for success for this week ahead - the rest of this year and beyond - let's keep this story in mind. Let's ask ourselves 👉 Can we create just 8 minutes out of the 1440 minutes in our days to be still - to rest and heal - giving ourselves the gift of space in time to consider and act mindfully? I thought so. We're #LEADERS afterall. Thank you to my amazing Coach Leslie Harris for encouraging me - without jidgement - to stick to the practice. 🙌🥰❤ #meditation #leadership #coaching #training #impact #evolving #slgimpact

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