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All I've got for you today are some thoughts that have been burning in my head lately - that have been pulling me through - that I hope can help you as they are helping me:

  • The present situation is a moment in time to be savored and learned from. If it sucks - try not to fight against it and try to work with it. It will become a benchmark of what you've overcome on the journey. If it's great - enjoy the hell out of it while it lasts. The picture here from yesterday's 25 mile road ride represents both. I felt great out there - it was super fun AND hard - and we got caught out in a rain storm as we headed home. Brakes don't work as well when they are soaking wet 🥴

  • Honor the times you need a goal, inspiration or help getting through the struggle. Be it getting home in one piece as it was for me yesterday on that ride.... or the WonderWoman movie that got me through today's 2.5 hour indoor ride ... or my biweekly session with my Coach Leslie Harris ... Give yourself what you need to make it through.

  • Be honest w yourself about what you are willing to struggle through and for... That will be the foundation for your mindset through good and bad times.

  • Train your body. Train your mind. In life. In work. Once again, try not to fight either. Try to work with both.

Sending you goodness for the week ahead, #LEADERS

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