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Today's story was inspired by the words that flashed on my Garmin computer screen after our mountain bike ride that totaled 40 miles 6,237 ft of vert 👉 VERY HARD EFFORT. RECOVERY RECOMMENDED

Yes indeed, it was a very hard effort 🥴🤪 Thankfully I felt good at that point because I had trained for it and had adequate fuel and hydration.

And yes indeed, recovery is needed. It's clear to me I can't give that same hard effort tomorrow. I actually got right to starting the recovery part with a shower, food and water... Then I laid down on the floor to put my feet up and was knocked out sleeping my face off rather immediately. And, tomorrow is a planned recovery day.

In cycling, it's usually easy to recognize, accept and follow through on the combo of VERY HARD EFFORT + RECOVERY RECOMMENDED...

In work though - that's often not the case.

In work - even when we can easily recognize and accept the VERY HARD EFFORT part ... it's much harder to recognize, accept AND follow through on the RECOVERY RECOMMENDED part.

I readily admit I often fall in this category and many of you may too. But that doesn't actually help us (and the people in our care) operate at our best.

So, what if we make an effort to change that #LEADERS ?!

What if we use the weeks ahead as testing ground where we respectfully notice VERY HARD EFFORT in ourselves and with our people - and follow through when RECOVERY IS RECOMMENDED ?!

We might benefit from it so much that we start a new thing 🤞😁

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